Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $225K in Worcester, MA.

With so many realtors out there, it’s a tough decision to choose the right one for you. It seems that everyone has a suggestion for a realtor who is “the best”. In our case, we we received many suggestions but decided to go with Cedar Woods because during our first sit down meeting with them they were very organized, dedicated and professional. What I had no way of knowing was the amount of patience and genuine care that they would later show us. Our realtor answered emails and searched for properties at all hours of the day going above and beyond the 9-5 schedule. In addition, the whole process was overseen by the head of the company, whom we were always able to reassure that everything was going great, except for the fact that we hadn’t found our house yet. They reassured us that the right one would come along eventually and they were right! They didn’t try to sell us a property that wasn’t a good fit for us, rather, we were told “Hey, it’s not like buying a pair of shoes.” We took our time but searched aggressively and put in several offers. Cedar Woods stood by us every step of the way and even encouraged us spiritually. The spiritual piece is something that above all made them stand out from the rest! I highly recommend this realty group to anyone and everyone I know. The proof, however, is in working with them and deciding for yourself. It was truly a blessing to have met and worked with them. Thank you Christine, Karina, and all other team members who helped along the way. –user83093000