There’s a lot of psychology and strategy that goes into buying a home. Cedar Wood employs a team approach. When you work with one of our agents, you not only get their expertise

but the combined knowledge of several agents and affiliates that have a long standing reputation for efficiency, experience, and competitive pricing in the real estate field.


Our agents will be by your side and advocate for you throughout the entire process— from providing neighborhood knowledge and price guidance to mastering volumes of paperwork.



There are many reasons why owning your home versus renting is a wise choice for many individuals and families.


You’re allowed to customize your interior and exterior property as you wish with paint colors, home improvements, renovations, and more.

Tax Deduction

The interest on home mortgages and property taxes are deductible on your IRS income tax return.

Smart Investment

Studies show that since 1975, housing has appreciated in value on an average of 4.5% per year.


Your monthly morgage payment gets applied to the overall principal of your home. This allows you to build a strong asset portfolio versus renting.

Fixed Payments

When you purchase a home, you can secure a fixed interest rate which assures you the monthly payment will not increase.